Category: Poetry

Where it stems from

Forgotten memories. Swearing. Hiding under the bed.
Alcohol. Shouting. Breaking glass. Sounds of violence. Fled.
Police. Tears. Protests of innocence. False promises and shame.
Retribution later. Angry words. The apportioning of blame.

Leather strap. Cold expression. A voice you could not hear.
Later life. Thinking back. Sorrow, pain and fear.
Half-hearted praise. Cutting remarks with a familiar ring.
Shut up. Sit down. Be quiet. You’re too young to know anything.

Thoughts coming back to haunt. Memories that will not fade.
Harsh insults, sexual abuse. That’s how rapists are made.
Pointless punishment. Low self-esteem. A distinct lack of voice.
Smile to the world – tell the truth. Confused? It’s your choice.

Malicious thoughts. Got found out. They’ll make you live to regret it.
Scars, welts, bruises: you fell down stairs. Make sure you never forget it.
Twenty years from now. Your therapist offers a line.
One hour. Problems, lots. Hard to talk. Not enough time.

Erased memories. Where did they come from?
Deep subconscious? Your therapist is wrong.
Probe deeper. Explore further. Reality you have to face.
Stress. Trauma. Mental breakdown. All stemmed from some place…

Copyright © Mark A. McPherson 1993, 2018.
All rights reserved.