Never forget a face. Names on the other hand…..

Some years ago, I used Manage a Supported Living Scheme in Windsor, Berkshire, working with people with learning disabilities and mental health issues.
Given that the company I used to work for had their Head Office in the local area, it was impressed upon me that I should go to Head Office on a regular basis, to mingle, file paperwork and use their computers.
Now given the fact that at that time I was merely content to work at my little scheme, with no desire to network or mingle with the rich and powerful, it was with some reluctance I found myself at my Head Office on semi regular basis.
I wasn’t the chattiest, preferring to simply get the work done and making a graceful exit.
I’m pretty sure in those early days, half of my managerial colleagues had no idea who I was. They were a friendly bunch though.
I got on nodding terms with one particular individual (who will have to remain nameless).
We exchanged pleasantries on the rare occasion I made an appearance at Head Office, and this meet and greet went on for a number of years. He knew my name, asked how my little scheme was going.
It got to a certain point years down the line where, I realised I had completely

Not good after five years of snatched conversation.
I could perhaps ask someone in the office.
Only problem with that was they’d seen us talking on occasion, and that would seem a little odd. Asking him his name was clearly out of the question.
I’d left it far too long to go down that route.
And I don’t mean “ten minutes” kind of long.
I did what any sensible person would do, and simply avoided using his name in any conversation. Didn’t help that he used mine.
Because unlike me, he actually remembered people’s names…..
I’m a bad person.
And how was this particular problem resolved?

Did I ask him exactly how he spelt his name?

Rummage around in his bag in the hope he’d left his I.D badge in there?
Casually pickpocket his wallet and scrutinize his credit card?
Not quite.
We had a training course some years back, and we were all required to say our names, and where we worked.
He said his name, and from that moment on, I used it in every conversation I had with him…..
Copyright © Mark A. McPherson 2017.
All rights reserved.


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