Identity Theft….

One Saturday, I had dragged my weary arse out of bed and headed into town to buy a rug.

Stuck my cashcard in the ATM and selected £40 for withdrawal. After a few seconds, the screen informed me that Id reached my withdrawal limit.

Reached my withdrawal limit? How was this possible when I hadn’t taken out any money?

Requested a balance statement, which told me that same day sums of £100 and £200 pounds had been taken from my account.

Surely some mistake, some glitch in the system?

After speaking to my bank, I found out my cashcard had been cloned.
Some bastard had tampered with the ATM and when I inserted my card (presumably the previous day) my details had been “skimmed.”

My bank also told me that often there is a miniature camera attached to the cash machine by these criminals, recording you tapping in your pin.

Now I’ve seen the “Real Hustle,” I know to shield my Pin from prying eyes, to guard again the “shoulder surfers” behind me.
But hidden cameras?

Always thought I could spot if an ATM had been altered.

Obviously not…

Apparently this type of scam is rife in my area, as well as on the rise in London.

My bank refunded my cash, and I think that I’ll stick to withdrawing money over the counter of my bank…..

Copyright © Mark A. McPherson 2011.
All rights reserved

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