Young, Attractive & Still Single…

I have female friends who people would consider attractive.
Some of them have difficulties attracting the right type of bloke, despite this.
Why is this?

Well, in my humble opinion, being pretty is not enough.
You could go out with a woman who is a stunner – but that’s it. If you are pretty but can’t hold a conversation, most blokes will run a mile. (Obviously, there are blokes who like airheads, granted.)

Alternatively, if you’re in a nightclub wondering why very few blokes try to chat you up, it’s because either blokes assume you’re with someone, or that you’re out of their league.

Some of the women I’ve gone out with have been extremely pretty, but there’s always something they’re not happy with: bum too big, thighs too fat, breasts too small (or too big) – the list goes on.

If I adopted a narrow-minded bloke’s perspective, I would say that if you are an attractive female, you should be happy with that.

But life is far more complicated than that.
I’ve met countless stunners who are convinced they are ugly.
Now I’m not saying they have to be pretty and big-headed, but just be happy in yourself, the rest will follow…

Copyright © Mark A. McPherson 2012.
All rights reserved

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