How to guard your privacy

Many people will have heard of the high profile case of The News Of The World (former tabloid UK newspaper) routinely intercepting voicemail messages of politicians, celebrities and other public figures.

This became known in the press as “Phone Hacking.”

Here’s how to guard against this.

When most people listen to their voicemail messages, they do so from their own mobile phone.
You can however, access your voicemail from any other phone.
You dial your mobile number from any other phone.

At this point, you would have either switched your phone off, or let it go to voicemail.

When you get your own answer machine greeting, press *(asterisk) twice.

You’ll then be prompted to enter your pin. By default (and dependent on network), this is usually 1111 or 0000 (or a similar four digit number).

Now you can access your voicemail.

Most people never have a reason to listen to their voicemail from another phone, so wouldn’t even realise they need to change the default PIN.

So, if someone wanted to listen to your messages, all they would have to do is what I have described.
You have been warned…….

Copyright © Mark A. McPherson 2014.
All rights reserved.

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