Why Western Governments can’t be trusted

I came to the conclusion many years ago that not only can the government of the UK not be trusted, but pretty much all Western governments cannot be trusted.

In short, they have a history of lying to us.

Whether it’s telling us of “impending terror attacks,” weapons of mass destruction, or Members of Parliament lying and fiddling their expense accounts, we’ve been lied to.

Time and time again.

Our response?

We vote for whoever is in Opposition, hoping that things will get better.

They don’t, so we vote for whoever happens to be in Opposition years down the line.

Here in the UK, we habitually flirt with the idea that we live in an actual democracy.
Our brand of democracy – apparently – is so good that we systematically invade other countries and talk about promoting “Democracy” to whichever country we’ve bombed and ransacked that year.

The news constantly tells us what we should be afraid of, and our government continue to pass new laws to keep us “safe.”

We get bored of the current political party in power, and vote for a different party at the next election.

And so the cycle continues.

Someone once asked me if I was so troubled by the dishonesty of the mainstream political parties, why I didn’t do something about it, start up my own party.
Here’s why that wouldn’t work….

I start up a political party.
We gain support from ordinary people in the UK.
We campaign on a platform of transparency and fairness:

No more bank bail outs.
No more cover ups (“alleged” paedophile rings in government, abuses of power, etc.).
Scrapping of MP’s expenses.
No more invading other countries and slaughtering thousands of overseas civilians under the guise of “democracy.”
No more passing of laws which infringe on civil liberties.
No more government spying on its own population.
No more donations from big business to political parties.
Re-nationalization of all utilities and transportation.
Massive fines for any businesses found to be engaging in underhand practices.
Working on scrapping the World Bank and IMF.
Building of more social housing to combat the chronic house shortage and extortionate private rents.

Any party that genuinely ran along these lines would be demonized in the media, and smeared beyond belief.

And that’s before remembering that numerous figures in history have been assassinated when they didn’t follow “conventional” thinking.

I hope in my lifetime that we can live in a world where governments don’t lie to us at every opportunity, where every news report isn’t designed to influence us towards a certain way of thinking, where we don’t trample over the poor and disadvantaged in the pursuit of ever increasing profits.

But I think that day is some time off…..

Copyright © Mark A. McPherson 2014.
All rights reserved.

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