How to brainwash a nation.

1. Declare that your country is a free and open democracy, even though there is only an illusion of choice, with all mainstream parties all following the same agenda.
Laugh at the public while they repeatedly vote between two major parties over the years, safe in the knowledge that nothing will really change.

2. As a Government, ensure that while you squander public money, direct the public to instead blame immigrants, the unemployed and the disabled for the state of public finances.

3. Make sure that if anyone rises to prominence to challenge the establishment, they are discredited. If the decision is made to assassinate them, ensure that all CCTV cameras that could have captured the event are mysteriously not working on day of event.
Ensure that a Public Inquiry to investigate the assassination will happily find that an unfortunate accident occurred, and no one was to blame.

4. Tell the public there is an “Imminent terror threat” and new laws have to be introduced to keep the public safe. If civil liberties have to be eroded, that can’t be helped.

5. In keeping with this new “terror” threat, a country – or organisation- has to be targeted. Ensure the fact that you have created and funded said organisation is deemed classified, and whistle-blowers are deemed an enemy of the state.         Direct the media to brand this country or organisation a threat to Western values, with an appalling Human Rights record.
Gloss over the fact that that Western governments have propped up and traded with countries with appalling Human Rights Records.

6. Invade said country, promising to “minimize civilian casualties,” while simultaneously keeping pictures of civilian devastation out of the mainstream media. If pictures do leak out, those civilians had links to a terrorist organisation, so there.

7. Ensure the country is busy being outraged by the sight of a naked breast at the Super Bowl, or the fact that someone is branded a benefits cheat. They won’t notice the millions being spent of blowing things up, thousands of people being slaughtered around the world, or the fact that you’ve bailed out the banks who are actually responsible for the economic downturn.

8. Ensure that the mainstream media continue to faithfully trot out the official government narrative without question.
A Knighthood may follow.

9. Allow a sufficient period of time to pass to convince the public that only new more restrictive laws have to be passed to keep them absolutely safe. Insist that spying on the public and intercepting all emails and phone calls is necessary to achieve this.
After all, if you’re not guilty, you have nothing to hide.
Smile to yourself, safe in the knowledge that the public can no longer legitimately protest at anything you wish to do in the future.

10. Invade some more countries. Because you can.

Copyright © Mark A. McPherson 2015.
All rights reserved.

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