The Vegetarian Debate

I am a vegetarian, been one since the age of 14.

What I find quite amusing is when I meet new people and volunteer this fact, they for some reason feel the need to justify their own consumption of meat.

They often don’t consider the possibility that I actually don’t care what they eat. It’s their body, after all.

A typical conversation is this:

Them: “You’re a vegetarian? I don’t eat a lot of meat – in fact, I rarely eat red meat, mainly chicken.”

Me: “Hmmm.” I’ve had this conversation over the years so many times, I’m losing the will to live.

Them: “I would give up meat entirely but don’t think I could cope. I had a friend who gave up meat and she became anaemic.
I mean – you have to get your iron and protein from meat, right? I’ve got a friend who’s a vegetarian – he doesn’t eat any meat at all – only fish.”

This one doesn’t even deserve a response.

I weigh 16 stone. I haven’t collapsed due to an iron deficiency, not suffering through lack of calcium, and don’t spend every meal picking through lettuce.

So I nod, smile, and will the conversation to end. On to the next.

Copyright © Mark A. McPherson 2011
All rights reserved

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