To be an MP…..

I am definitely in the wrong line of work…
Even though the expenses “scandal” has previously been all over the news, you would think that this is a new problem.
Fact is, our greedy “representatives” have been doing this for years.

The government’s own parliamentary website states:
……”MPs can claim allowances to cover, for example, staff costs, travel expenses and the cost of running an office.”

How did they go from this (admittedly vague) statement to claiming against utility bills, council tax, mortgage repayments, home improvements, home cinema systems?

The basic salary of an MP (as of April 2009) is £64,766. I am earning nowhere near that, and when the bills inevitably arrive, I have to pay them out of my salary, just like the vast majority of the population.

So why are MP’s any different? They get paid more than most of the population, so why can’t they pay for their bills/council tax/home improvements/widescreen television sets like everybody else?

They bleat that it’s “within the rules.”
Yeah, rules that they made up (presumably while laughing at the taxpayer). If I made up a rule that I wasn’t going to pay any tax – EVER – I doubt this argument would work.

Money grubbing, self-serving low lives with their noses firmly in the trough.
Interesting to note that the previous Prime Minister Gordon Brown (in an effort to fool the people) said there will be a reform of the expenses system.

Which means that they’ll still be claiming for a whole host of items, just not as much as before.

I feel much better now.

MP’s should only be allowed to claim for car mileage, running their office, and that’s it.
Until this happens MP’s will always be taking the mickey.

Copyright © Mark A. McPherson 2011.
All rights reserved.

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